Monday, 22 March 2010

Purple Passion Felted Bowl gets lots of attention...

Hi everyone, well we have seen the end of week 3 and we are now at the start of week 4 in the felt boutique. I thought I would share with you a felt bowl that I made as a sample for custom orders, though it has been getting rather a lot of attention in the boutique and I am sure that I could have sold it several times over. almost everyone who has come in has commented on it and asked if it is for sale.

I guess I thought when setting up the shop that people would be more interested in making it... which they are, but there has been a large number of people expressing a sincere interest to purchase a felted item.  So with that in mind I have been busily making in anticipation of my official opening, sneak peeks to come on those later.

Well its actually my day off today, but I am at home busy doing admin and boring stuff so that I can create when I return to the boutique tomorrow :)

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Lisa X

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  1. Hi Lisa, this is one gorgeous bowl. Love it! Hugs,moni


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