Thursday, 25 February 2016

Craft & Hobby Association Supports Members at Craft, Hobby & Stitch International

Well what can I say lovely people... mmmm, well I did say that I was going to do more regular blog posts and start scheduling again! Yeah and then preparations for stitch international started and that clearly went out the door.

That said I can now bring you some exciting highlights into how the show went, the wonderful designers I met and the fabulous support I have received by being a member of the CHA UK (Craft & Hobby Association).

As an independent designer working out of my home studio, I am often working alone and that means that I don't have work colleagues to run things by or bounce ideas with. Being part of the CHA UK has meant that I am part of a growing community of talented designers, with a wealth of experience in their specialist field. We've all experienced ups and downs with in our specialist fields, so its great to share experiences, tips and knowledge, give and gain support and that's just from our fellow members.

Aside this,  board of directors is at your fingers to help problem solve, trouble shoot and support you in growing and developing your business. Connecting you to the right people and providing  opportunities to grow, develop, learn, educate, inspire and so much more. I cannot recommend this organisation enough. I quite simply couldn't have been at this huge event, without the support of this organisation.

The show itself, alongside all the wonderful designers and the organisation was a huge success for me. I secured many business leads and new partnerships, as well as obtaining vital resources to move my business forward. With all that said I would like to share some of the highlights from the show and members who attended.

My stand.

A visit from The Queen of Craft herself Dawn Bibby 

Craig De Souza A Board Member/Director

Diane Rooney Designer & Board Member 
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Jaine Drake Basement Studio

Cassie Brown Designs
 Though Craig De Souza had played a little trick on both Cassie Brown & Sharon Callis at this point as he switched their signs around!

Sharon Callis with Cassie Browns sign!

Jason Wilkes Bert & Gerts 

In addition to this we were joined by: 
And.... last but not least! Jo who is the originator and creator of Shabby Dandelion 

So all I can say is check out our talented members and to round up our post, our class of 2016 and board members group photo. 

Thanks so much to everyone for making this a wonderful event and experience. 

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