Tuesday, 6 August 2013

OH Dolly Hand Painted and dressed Peg Doll Range

Warm welcomes to the latest edition of the felty TT blog, today is a nice little follow on from the last post which was all about Peg, bags and wooden hand made painted pegs.

So when I set to in painting my wooden dolly pegs to go with the peg bag kits and peg bags for home use... I realised why they had been so called the dolly peg. People have been painting pegs and making peg dolls for as long as I can remember! The wooden dolly peg goes back the 1700's when it was invented by the "Shaker" movement as an clever way of holding clothes on a line. From there it was re-invented with a spring and eventually into the plastic pegs that most of us have used at some time or another.

After the war and probably before people painted pegs as cost effective gifts, so I thought why not re-visit these pegs and resurrect the good old peg doll.

And here it is, its my interpretation on a classic theme and the range was inspired by my passion for old school "Hollywood" glamour. Hope you like as much as I do!

Available from the Handmade Boutique in Birmingham.

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