Friday, 23 August 2013

Home Comforts and Felt Slippers!

Gooooooood morning my lovely felt fans!  Today’s question is all about footwear – how many pairs of shoes do you own?  Of those pairs of shoes, how many do you actually wear on a regular basis, and how many are truly 100% comfortable?

Yes, every day we squeeze our toes into pointy shoes, often with a heel and grimace our way through the day.  For many of us, that first action upon arriving home of kicking off the shoes and the initial “aaaaaggggghhhhhhh” of comfort signals the beginning of the evening – a time to relax and repair, in readiness for doing it all again the next morning.

As we near autumn, the evening temperatures begin to drop and the shops fill with racks of slippers: mules, moccasins, slip-ons, fully soled, open toed ….. you name it, there’s a slipper manufactured in that style! 

What could be more rewarding than treating your toes to the comfort of a pair of felt slippers, handmade by YOU!  Following a basic slipper design, but customised and personalised to your taste, join me on 16th November at Hobbycraft Tamworth to make your own pair of felt slippers.  With only 8 places per course, it’s also a great opportunity to take some time out for yourself, meet like-minded crafters and enjoy a day of creativity and socialising.   There’s even tea and cake!


To book your place on the Felt Slippers Course, follow this link  - - you could even make a pair for someone special as a unique Christmas gift!

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