Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ooooo lovely wheat free cup cakes specially made for me...

Good morning lovely people, I just wanted to share with you a wonderfully kind and warm gesture one of my felt-making ladies made on Saturday.

Pictured above is the best tasting wheat free cup cake I have ever tasted, Mary whom has been on two of my courses and is planning a third,  like me wheat intolerant and very often has to do with out as I do when others are tucking into their tasty treats. 

With a determination not to miss out Mary decided that she would bake her own and very kindly brought 2 into the boutique for me to try... I have to say I was sooooo excited and overwhelmed that I had to eat one of them there and then.

They certainly did not disappoint on taste texture and overall gastronomic experience.  Thank you Mary

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