Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Princess Lily Returns Home To The Palace & A Right Royal Birth!

Today Princess Lily brings you a very special post as she returns home to London to visit Buckingham Palace and to send her congratulations to the new royal parents and future king.

Sadly the royal flag was down and this meant that the “Queen” was not at home!!

There had obviously been a mix up over dates between Princess Lily’s management and the Queen’s management. This did not bode well for either our Queen, or our Princess!!

So what to do? Well, the only thing to do when you have “Right Royally” messed up is to stay toast to the new baby and have some fun - so when Ma’am is away Princess Lily will play!

You can see from the pictures that our lovely Lily quite literally lambed it about during her exploration of the Palace and Palace grounds. Though she is never more content than when she is outdoorsy and near the grass ..… she did however find one of the Queen’s Guards (obviously guarding the Palace) to create some mischief with. Although I fear The Royal Guard is not doing much guarding!

See if you can spot Lily at the front of the Palace.

Lily and one of the royal Gaurds

Arrivign in London

 Watching over the Gardens

Checking out the Right Royal Birth announcement
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