Thursday, 16 May 2013

Glorously Glorious Hand Felted Slippers made by Katherine on a lovely felt making day

Well hello and welcome lovely makers, creators and all round lovely people, today I have a very special share with you... I want to share a pair of hand felted slippers made by the lovely Katherine on a recent Tigerlily Makes felt slipper course.

Katherine has recently found a love of felting so has already enjoyed some of the benefits at home, but nonetheless wanted to give the art of felted slippers ago. As our slipper courses are very popular, I was in the position of getting extra requests for the course, so I decided to run a private slipper course from my home in the midlands. There were just 4 of us including myself and it was a brilliant day of lovely felting with wonderful company and beautifully finished slippers

We had lots of my finished slipper samples on display for people to look at for inspiration, colour combinations and just general shapes so you can imagine the fun we had when we were all trying to decide shapes, finishing embellishments and colour combinations!

I have blogged previously about Shelly's and Sally's slippers, but now I can share with you the finished slippers by Katherine. Katherine is an amazing woman, she has a full time job, carer to hubby, good friend and all round crafty person. Katherine also suffers from joint problems that can be really painful and sometimes it can take a while for Katherine to finish her projects, but finish them she does and with great style.

So below is Katherine's finished pair, lovely colour combinations were chosen and Katherine went for one of my favourite styles the dolly shoe style, she then finished with some handmade flowers that were available to take with her on the day and accompanied them with this beautiful felted leaf duo that she made at home, which I think compliment the slippers beautifully. I have tended to add leaf detail to nearly every one of my felted projects and after seeing Katherine's leaves... I may well just have to take a leaf out of Katherine's book (if you pardon the pun) and add some leaf type detail to a pair of my slippers. But just take a look at these beauties for yourself.

But for now keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep felting!

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