Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Happy Wednesday everyone, well I can tell you that despite being massively behind after being so poorly... we’ve made massive progress in preparation of this weekends big events. So heres a little teaser. Huge thanks have to be given to my friend @balamunch who spent all of yesterday, putting labels on kit boxes, building the boxs, winding embroidery thread and packing them with their components, whilst I battled with computer programs , diagrams and instructions for the tutorial guides. @balamunch then took the remaining threads and bobbins home to finish the last few! This meant I could finish the tutorials and work on the displays. I finished at around 9.45, but it was so worth it. Thanks for your support @balamunch . 😊❤️X. All designs copyright Lisa Marie Olson - Lily the Lamb - Tigerlily Makes. Registered & Protected by ACID (anti copying in design). #fairy #fairies #feltfairies #feltfairy #feltkit #feltsewingkits #handsewing #machinesewing #feltcraft #feltprojects #felt #fairyfactor

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