Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Creative Storage Solutions for creatives working at home.

Well hello and wonderfully warm and fully felted welcomes to today's edition of the Tigerlily Makes blog.

Today I thought I would share the age old problem of a crafter, designer or hobbyist's dilemma when fitting your your passion into your everyday life and home.

Space always seems to be tight for the at home creative and usually comes at a premium or the expense of losing a room. So what do you do when you need the room and you need a space to create in? Well you get savy with pretty but practical storage solutions. As you know I run my business from home and for many years, we have suffered the loss of a guest bedroom and therefore haven't had people to stay.

So take a look at the photos below and my top tips for creating both a tranquil guest bedroom and an inspiring work space.

These pretty boxes from Ikea sit nicely on the top shelf in the guest wardrobe and will hold a lot more than you think. They are easy to slide in and out and being open topped its quick to pick and dispatch. 

I have a beautifully renovated 1930's wardrobe in my guest room and these slot in perfectly to its smaller dimensions. Further storage is held underneath the wardrobe with its shaped and slightly raised frontage. On top sits pretty floral cube boxes again from Ikea, which hold so much more than I thought.

I will feature more on creative storage solutions a little later on where I will focus on under bed storage and desk space.

For now though keeeeeeeeeep felting.

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  1. Ohh, it looks so lovely!

  2. Thanks Josie and thanks for visiting. I love your blog and have listed in my top favorite reads. :)


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