Thursday, 11 June 2015

A day in the life of a Burman Bears Workshop Part 1

Hello and a very warm and fully felted welcome to the first in a series of blog posts that take you through the wonderful world of Burman Bears on a Burman Bear one day bear making workshop.

The puprose of sharing this series with you is firstly to say how important it is as a designer to create something just for fun and just for you. Secondly to show how much work goes into handcrafted projects like this and like the Lily the Lamb needle felted scultptures.

I aim to share the days experience with a mini series of posts taking you through this magical day from start to finish and to share with you the some of the makes from everyone who attended the course, including yours truly.

A Burman bears workshop starts bright at early at around 9-9.30am. Angela Burman founder and creator of Burman Bears, is always on hand with the kettle at the ready and to talk you through the first stages of the workshop.

So where to start with a hand sewn bear? well luckily for us Angela cuts our bear parts out for us and below is what we start off with!

We start with some of the smaller body parts to begin with and there is a well established order in which to do things and with very good reason as we learn throughout the day. This is unlike anything I have ever done before and it was a thrill to be part of a very special day and bring home a very special project.

Join me in part two for more progress throughout our day and be sure to keep checking back for our finale and big reveal of all our finished bears.

But for now I shall leave you with the Bear Necessities of a Burman Bears bear making workshop.

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