Thursday, 19 September 2013

Nan, Gran, Grandma, Granny ….. just call me Nain!

Gooooood morning lovely felt fans!

Well, what can I say?  After weeks of biting my tongue and almost bursting at the seams it’s now out in the open that I am going to become a grandparent in March 2014.  We’re all so excited at the prospect of the new arrival – and we’re all busy swatting up on the latest pregnancy advice as things have moved on apace since my son was born.

And so began the “what do I want to be called” debate!  Not feeling quite ready to be granny, nan or grandma, I’ve settled on Nain, which is Welsh for Grandmother.

On the creative side, the news of a new baby has been most inspiring, to say the least! Whilst having to keep mum for the initial three months or so, I’ve come up with a whole new range of cards and am currently working on some new felt kit designs which may – or may not – have a baby-theme running through them!  As and when time permits itself, I may even be tempted to pick up those knitting needles again and create something warm and wonderful for our impending bundle!

The only thing I would ask is that for the rest of his/her life, our grandchild remembers …..


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  1. That's wonderful news Lisa - so pleased for you! You'll make a very glamorous Granny! xx

  2. Oh gosh that's so lovely of you Vicky thanks sooooo much :) xxx


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