Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sweet Tooth Princess Lily & The Vintage Sweet Shop

On a trip to Lichfield recently, Princess Lily decided that she fancied something sweet, so she headed straight for Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe in Bore Street.

Once inside this Aladdin’s Cave of sweet delights, Princess Lily was quite literally spoilt for choice, and immediately sent back in time to when she was a mere slip of a lass, and the plethora of traditional “sweets in jars” shops that used to be the only place to buy your sweeties. 

Who can fail to smile at memories of cola cubes, sherbet pips and pineapple chunks – and the sore tongue that often followed after eating them!   Hot summer days spent dipping an orange ice lolly into sharp lemon sherbet crystals, the funny fizz of a packet of Space Dust and the sheer joys (and frustrations) of trying to break a slab of treacle toffee, without the aid of a toffee hammer!

For those of you who enjoy days out at places like the Black Country Living Museum or Blists Hill Victorian Town in Ironbridge – it’s always the old fashioned sweet shops with the longest queues, and it’s not always the children queuing!

Forget buying multi-packs of mass-produced sweets.  Instead, head to your nearest old fashioned sweet shop and treat yourself to whatever takes your fancy.  I bet you won’t stop at one bag either …….!

After buying a quarter of her favourite rhubarb and custards, Lily packed her confectionary treasures into her handmade felt bag and bid farewell to Mr Simms and his jars of sugary gems, until the next time!

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