Saturday, 15 June 2013

Buttons! Buttons! More Buttons and Buttons Galore!!

Well hello and a warm woolly welcome to the latest edition of the TM blog! For those of you who follow our page you will know that I have been collaborating with another amazing designer  for quite sometime, to bring you an exclusive and unique product.

That product comes in the form of a handmade ceramic button made by the wonderfully talented Skye at Button It and... Tigerlily Makes original designs and artwork. This collaboration is a fusion of handmade made and original artwork and designs, it has created the perfect partnership between two passionate designers, to bring about a really unique overall design.

These collaborative buttons are exclusive to Tigerlily Makes and Button it... we are the only two authorised sellers in the UK.  They are not available for wholesale and they are limited editions, which means that they are produced on very short runs and are collectors items.

We are launching 10 designs to start with... but there will be more.

The main collectors edition is the one pictured below Which is the Lily the Lamb range of buttons, these will have more Lily's dressed in gorgeous outfits over the coming months, so you may just want to bag yourself these designer beauties right from the outset as I have mentioned before they will not be mass produced.

The wonderful thing about this collaboration is that Skye and I met purely by chance through an eBay transaction would you believe!! Several years on we have become the best of friends and have worked very hard to bring you a bespoke collection of designer handmade buttons.

So I will leave you with a picture of Lily and a couple of other designs and for more designs in the range please visit the Facebook page.

Lily the Lamb Handmade Buttons

Vintage Lilalia Handmade Buttons

Vintage Tea Handmade Button

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