Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Surviving Spina Bifida Noah's Story...

Hello lovely, makers, creators and all round lovely people, just stopping by to show some support for a friend of mine who was told her unborn child wouldn't make it to this world due to his condition "Spina Bifida" and percentage of brain function.

There are days when we think we just can't take any more, I have had such days and usually due to 3rd party issues and struggles, throwing everything they can at me to make me fail! I had one such day yesterday, but after talking with my friend on the phone, I realised that no daily struggle could ever be that bad when you see and hear the fight for life Noah has had and the tireless campaign of support that Noah' parents give daily, not forgetting the daily love and care they give to their family. Noah's journey has been incredible, please take time to watch the video as its truly amazing defying all the odds. The families struggles to make a better life for Noah have been immense and they are currently trying to renovate their house to make is a more accommodating and safe environment for Noah. Care for Noah is an immense job and mum rarely gets a fully nights sleep as she has to physically turn him every night. 

With all that said, mum and dad do all this without question and without complaint and with great humility, their plight has helped so many parents with children both who don't make it and those born prematurely with Spina Bifida.

It really puts everything into perspective and no matter how tough things get my lovely peeps, there is always someone having a tougher time of it somewhere.

So please watch the video, share the video, stop by the blog, and like the facebook page so that we can all raise awareness and support and help the campaign.

Noah's parents are currently living in a building site and have no hot water, it is my mission to get them a DIY SOS make over, so they can concentrate on Noah and the campaign and not worry about fixing up the house so that its Noah friendly.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for reading!

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  1. What a wonderful, inspirational family and a beautiful little boy. xx


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