Thursday, 14 October 2010

Giving Thanks to Chile Miners Rescue

Well this morning as I sit here and wait for the lovely newbie felt-makers to arrive I thought I would take time to reflect on the amazing rescue efforts made for the 33 trapped Chile Miners.

Giving thanks to their strength and courage and that of their rescuers.  I have been closely watching the footage of the rescue mission and have to praise the military precision by which the operation took place.

My grandfather was a miner from the valleys in Wales and moved to the midlands with our family to mine, I can only image what it must have been like for my mum, her sisters/brother and my grandma waiting on his safe return everyday.  So I can't even begin to imagine how it must have been for the close family members of the 33 waiting the long and grueling 69 days, in my opinion they are all hero's.

Some may not understand the importance of their role in society, some may think role is diminished... I feel that that are not praised enough for the hard work and risks they take.  Without men like these our homes and countries wouldn't have the vital resources that some of them need, their role is not to be taken lightly and I give hanks to the fact that all 33 are safe, alive and back with their families.

It's events like these that puts things in perspective and makes you realise that the world is bigger  than just one person and there are bigger and more important issues which fall much higher on the agenda than any problems you think you may have.

So I hope that you will joining me in giving thanks for the safe return of the miners and the wonderful rescue mission of all involved.

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