Friday, 21 May 2010

Dolly Doolittle Winter Warmer

Hi everyone, well as promised the much awaited and much talked about hot water bottle cover.  Introducing Dolly Doolittle Winter Warmer and yes I know we have just had one of our hottest days!!! However I have taken a call recently from Channel Four's Kirsty's Home Made Homes, I spoke  for quite a while with a lovely lady on the KHMH (Kirsty's Home Made Homes) team whilst she explained to me that they were possibly looking for someone to do a felt hot water bottle as a feature on Kirsty's programme.   I was also told that a lot of the twitter followers had wanted to see a felt-making feature on the programme, I was asked lots of questions about how I would make this and gave my responses.

After I put the phone down with shear excitement from having been called by the programme (which I am a huge fan of)  I thought well if they do decide to call on me I had better be prepared so pictured above is the finished item.

I am still waiting to hear if they are going ahead with it or not, so fingers crossed.

So if you would like to see me in action making this on the programme, please take the time to visit Kirsty's Home Made Home Twitter Page and give me a plug.

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