Sunday, 7 February 2010

Update on progress.......

Hi everyone,

I just thought I would share how progress is going for the launch of the new felt-making boutique. I have been over at the boutique most of this last week and have begun phase one, which is the re-decoration phase. This week with a little help from my friends I have finished the painting of all the half height wood panelling, which has been painted in a colour called white chocolate. I have chosen a very pale subtle duck egg blue for the window ledge, window and door.

All is looking really fresh and fab... though I have a long way to go yet, as I need to paper feature walls, polish floors and move furniture in.

I am popping over again tmrw briefly to take some photos of progress so far, though it is filled with paint tins, brushes and rollers and present, but it should give you a feel for the place.

I will be firming up some course dates very soon and will be posting these on the blog... so be sure to stay tuned for news and events.

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Lisa X

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