Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Alice In Wonderland Wall Art

Welcome to a wonderfully adventurous edition of the TM blog as we sing from the top of Tigerlily Towers and slide down the rabbit hole straight into the Mad Hatters Tea Party.

Today's post is all about "ALICE" and if you haven't guessed yes I do mean Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland is by far one of my all time favorite fairy-tales and it will come as no surprise to you all that I have created a whole range of Alice inspired projects.

This particular project is reinvented version of the original, the original design started out on a greetings card. The card I chose was buff and I will cover the card in another post, but it was out of a desire to create the growth potion effect that is a fundamental part of the book. The part where Alice grows so big that those of a certain size would only get to see her legs and skirt.

So I thought long and hard about how I could re interpret this effect on my card, with several rough sketches, numerous templates... I finally settled on a design, which is below.

But as time went on I felt it was lacking a little and so I reinvented the wheel to improve on my original concept for the card as featured below:

This I feel is a crisper design and the machine stitching just add that extra bit of finishing that the previous card didn't. 
From here I went on to create stitched version in a shadow frame. ALTHOUGH it received much acclaim and many were purchased... I was not 100% content with the proportions.

Finally I decided that it was the size of the frame and the lack of frame/mount. So I completely re-designed the wall art to fit a square shadow frame with a crisp mount. This meant that the proportions of the felt design were much smaller but somehow this worked much more to my satisfaction. I then wanted to add a little something extra, so I riffled through my own personal collection of Alice memorabilia and a fitted an Alice themed playing card into the frame. I can't take any credit for the playing card, but I do feel its the perfect partnership for the design.

So here is the new frame...

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