Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Princess & The Pea

Welcome to another adventurous edition of the Tigerlily Makes Blog. As many of you know I have a great thirst and passion for traditional and imaginative fairy-tales. None more so that the likes of Alice in Wonderland, Narnia and many of the Grim Brothers fairy-tales to name but a few.

I am greatly inspired by their originality and the fact that many of these original fairy tales are still being enjoyed today, some 150 years on is testament to their to creative process.

So today I am sharing something extra special and something I am really proud of.

Introducing Princess & The Pea handmade hand felted and  & needle embellished bed and dressing table. This bed has been made up of several felted sheets that have been individually needle embellished and machine embroidered. each mattress has been machine stitched and stuffed using a safe and approved filling.

The bed base is an old dolls house bed that I pulled apart and reconfigured, whilst breathing new life into it with a paint effect.

The collection isn't complete yet, so watch this space as I add the princess and a miniature clothed mannequin. To get to this stage it took about a week to make.

This is just part of a whole collection of themed fairy-tale inspired designs.

My plan with this design is to create a min how to booklet in an easy to follow format so that you can try this yourself at home.

For now though its time to reveal the star attraction.

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