Thursday, 7 April 2016

Lily the Lamb - Lily the Pink Room Decor/Wall Art

The Wonderfully warm welcomes to this latest edition of the TM blog. 

Since launching the Lily Lamb range which I absolutely adore and love, I am always looking for creative ways in which to show her off to her full potential. 

Not only is she on a wide variety of mediums, such as colouring books, coasters, magnets, mirrors, notebooks and fabric, she has now moved into paper. 

When these designs and patterns were created, they were created with a view to being suitable to be printed onto any medium and so I was absolutely thrilled when I saw the first printed paper sheets.

I started of with Lily the pink and thought how I could create fun lamb themed room decor with a difference. So as I have just started creating a whole range of baby clothing with Lily the Lamb fabrics, the penny dropped and so I set about designing clothing themed room decor with the lily lamb design.

I digitally designed a dress template to begin with taking inspiration from the traditional pinafore dress I used to wear as a child, but incorporating scalloped edging... which is a much loved staple in all my ranges. This was then teamed with a top/t shirt template, featuring scalloped edging to the sleeves.

The two combined with hand coloured detailing mounted perfectly in the shadow frame.

So here is the finished room decor/wall art, I think this would sit beautifully in any nursery or young child's bedroom.

If you would like to own your very own, you can purchase it from my Etsy Store 

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