Thursday, 17 March 2016

Introducing Pennie Penguin

Welcome to the latest edition of the TM blog, straight from the top of Tigerlily Towers

Today we are introducing one of our newest characters Miss Pennie Penguin.  Miss Pennie Penguin has a loving heart and a calm nature. Her door is always open and there is always a pot of tea on the go and very often a nice slice of cake.

Though it hasn't always been plain sailing for Pennie, as a young fledgling penguin, she very often got teased as she is slightly cross eyed and wears glasses.

Now Pennie is fully grown, she is a protector of all the new fledgling penguins and keeps a careful eye out for any unnecessary teasing.

Pennie is a needle felted sculpture, who has been lovingly created by hand with a single felting needle. Though I can promise you that until Pennies eyes went in, she had not come to life, so please be assured that no harm has come to Pennie during her creation, she will not have felt... if you pardon the pun a thing.

You can make your very own Pennie or other needle felted animals on our felt making days.

So really the only thing left to do is introduce you to our Pennie herself.

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