Friday, 11 July 2014

Its a Teddy Bears Picnic with Guest Star Lily the Lamb...

Hello and a very happy Friday to all you lovely makers,creators and well all round lovely people!Today we bring you fun and frolics at the Teddy Bears picnic of the year. Hosted by Bear grace created by Burman Bears and special guest of honour Tigerlily Makes very own Lily Lamb!

What a flurry of activity the Handmade Boutique was on Tuesday, with preparations for the event of the year... the Burman Bears annual Teddy Bears picnic! Well this picnic was to be like no other picnic, as it was to play host to one very special guests Lily Lamb and  Grandma Lily Lamb!

Well what a day, Lily and Grandma Lily had, so many new bears to meet it was such the social event with laughter, fun, games and plenty of food to be had. Lily had fun with all the bears, but she was particularly taken with one or two special characters! Bear Grace was in so much adoration of Lily that she scooped her up and hugged her dearly.

With the first introductions successfully underway it was time to mingle and mingle they did, with all the bears and Lambs keen to chat and play games.

Well one of many great introductions was Lily Lamb and Bloo the Elephant, this pair really hit it off and as Lily said "Oh Bloo don't be blue I will be your friend" and so it was!

After much fun, it was time to leave and what better way to say goodbye to your wonderful hosts than with a friendly kiss to seal the friendship! Come back soon for more picnic stories! 

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