Saturday, 7 June 2014

Retiring from the forces and feeling your way through felt!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Tigerlily Makes blog! I can't quite believe how much time has passed since we last chatted.

Today I wanted to bring you something really special. A couple of years ago I met a wonderful lady called Angie, Angie was in the forces as was her husband. After many years of service they both decided that it was time for a new direction and time to look towards having a family.

When I met Angie she had already brought her beautiful son into the world and had begun the process of withdrawing from the forces. Part of the process when you leave the forces is to find a new life, new interests and begin to move your non-forces life forward. This can sometimes be a long process, as part of this process Angie was offered courses to find new skills and interests. A couple of those course were spent on felt making courses at Tigerlily Makes.

Angie took to felting like a natural and it was so wonderful to see the enjoyment in Angie's face whilst she was felting. It was such a contrast from her previous life.

Well after those courses, Angie kept in touch with progress and to replenish supplies for her new found passion.

A couple of years later, Angie has continued with her love of felting, has moved overseas and is quite literally about to give birth to her second child.

I am so pleased that Angie has found a passion for felt making and making with felt, its great that she has been able to continue and literally transport her passion overseas.

So I think I will leave you with some of her wonderful work. Thank you Angie for coming on the course and sharing the experiences, I have loved every minute.

 Stunning Fish Themed Wall Hanging by Angie Gow _ Image & Design Copyright Angie Gow
 Beautiful Fish Themed Cover - Image & Design Copyright Angie Gow
Gorgeous Fish Themed Door Panel - Image & Design Copyright Angie Gow

For now keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep felting!

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