Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Simply Homemade Magazine Intro to Needle Felting

Hello lovely, makers, creators and generally all round lovely people :) well we are back with blogger after spending nearly a year with wordpress integrated into my website I just can't get on with it!!

So we are back with blogger, with our new look and new logo and I can't wait to be sharing news with you again.

So in the very first post I want to share with you the news that Tigerlily Makes very own Chief Feltrepreneur has been published in Simply Homemade Magazine with a whopping 7 page introduction to needle felting - This 7 page tutorial, takes you through the what needle felting is, right through with step by step photographic guides to not one but 3 needle felted projects.

The tutorial covers basic heart using Tigerlily Makes merino wool, needle felted bracelet using Kay Petals (Felt Alive)  beautiful flesh tones wools and a needle embellished card project.  Kay Petal has had specially designed this range of unique and wonderful flesh tones wool that is just amazing to work with.  Kay is an amazing needle felter and has also been tremendously supportive of my needle felting journey.  I have joined her online workshop tutorial programme and can't wait to get started properly!! My schedule has been so busy so far that I haven't had time yet to start anything!! Lol but I am signed up for 2 years so there's plenty of time!  I will of course keep you posted on prgress!!

It's out now issue 26 - but for now!! Keeeeep felting!

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  1. Congrats Lisa! I'm sure the readers of Simply Homemade Crafts will enjoy your tutorials very much! (And thanks a million for the shout out!!)

  2. Aww thanks Kay and thank you for introducing me to your gorgeous wools, they are great to work with! thanks for your continued support. :)


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