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Morning everyone, I thought I would share something a little different with you this morning.  I wanted to share this fantastic recipe  book by Rachael Anne Hill, its all about eating low GI foods to help with weight loss, increase energy levels and manage a range of health issues.

Last November I was diagnosed with PCOS an underlying symptom of a very strong diabetic gene within my family, (though am not diabetic) I had been feeling quite ill for around 12 months going back and forth to the doctors.  It was some 18 months in total before I was diagnosed.  Since then I have been learning about my condition and learning how to manage it better.

My main concerns were the rapid weight gain and the feeling incredibly exhausted all the time, despite having a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.  I found it incredibly difficult to find the right care, medication and management.  After a 6 month stint at the gym, a healthy diet, I was still gaining weight rapidly after another visit to the doctor and weight loss tablets I was beginning to give up hope.  I was told that my PCOS was due to my weight gain... loose weight and everything will be fine!!! eventually I went to see another doctor who prescribed me anti diabetic drugs as he believed that it was my resistance to insulin that was causing my symptoms and weight gain.

The tablets have helped but I needed to do much more, so I looked to see if there were any specific foods that my body wasn't copying with.  After leaving the diabetic clinic absolutely speechless and even more confused about the right carbs and carb counting I was feeling at a loss.

So I turned to recognised experts such as Rachael Anne Hill in the form of her GI High Energy Cookbook and I have to say wow what a revelation,  the information that Rachael provides makes sense and is easy to understand.  When you read her book you understand how the body works and how it processes certain foods and just understanding that has helped me immensely. The book has clear guides to low, medium and high GI foods and the recipes are easy to follow and delicious.

Being wheat intolerant it is great to have such a wide variety of foods available and even tasty low GI deserts.
There is a section for entertaining too. I emailed Rachael to ask about recommended wheat free alternatives for the recipes that use wholemeal flour and Rachael came back to me almost immediately with some detailed advice and points of reference for useful information.  Wow you don't get that kind of response from some of our other experts.

I am finding Rachaels book to be extremely beneficial and whilst I have only been following her guidance for a short time I am already noticing the difference in the way I feel and the fact that my clothes are fitting me better.

I will keep you updated with progress, but I just wanted to say that weight gain isn't always about over eating or eating the wrong foods, sometimes there are underlying health problems... a PCOS sufferer can eat a normal calorie intake and still gain weight due to the bodies ineffectiveness to process certain foods.  For me eating the GI way is proving successful and I hope that eventually I may, with the doctors approval come off the medication all together.

Thank GOD for people like Rachael!!!

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